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Women in Hydropower Mentorship Program

The Women in Hydropower Mentorship Program is accepting applications through August 1, 2022 for the 2022-2023 mentorship cycle. Pairs will be announced in early September.  

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The Women in Hydropower Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for women to connect, generate new friendships and networks, and share experiences in a supportive environment that highlights the powerful contributions women from around the world make in the hydropower industry. The goal is to create a meaningful connection where the mentor and mentee become collaborators in each other’s success. 

The mentor brings her life experience and a willingness to listen, give counsel, and provide network connections that support the mentee. The mentee brings her growth and development goals, opportunities, and challenges with a willingness to openly discuss them. This program is open to all women from around the world involved in the hydro industry, including agency, stakeholder and tribal representatives. The commitment is for the mentorship pair to “meet” one hour per month, from October to May, via phone call or in-person.

The Steering Committee will pair mentors and mentees together based on several factors, including your goals for this mentorship experience. We recognize that some of the best pairings occur in the most “unlikely” pairs; those with different experiences and perspectives. If you would prefer a mentor or mentee with a specific skill or experience, please state so in your comments. Finally, reciprocal mentorship will be utilized, pairing similarly experienced applicants, when there are not enough traditional mentors for the number of mentees.

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