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Workforce Development

As part of fulfilling our mission to support the next generation of hydropower, The Foundation supports tailored workforce development initiatives and events where students are hand-picked to come to learn about the industry, receive career support, and meet organizations who are hiring.

Continuing to foster programs that develop a strong workforce is one of the most critical facets of the Foundation’s mission.

Our Workforce Development Partners

Since the Water Power STEM to Workforce project began, NREL and the Hydropower Foundation have engaged with academia, students, and industry to better understand the strength of the U.S. hydropower workforce pipeline. The project team conducted a series of surveys to understand the challenges and perceptions of the hydropower and marine energy industries. The surveys do not provide an exhaustive representation of these industries as a whole; but do provide useful anecdotal information that has been used to engage in dialogues with industry, academia, and students and to inform project direction.

U.S. Hydropower Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities

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