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Post-Secondary Educators

As part of fulfilling our mission to support educators, the Hydropower Foundation provides scientific, environmental, and experiential resources; useful events for educators and students; scholarships; access to research; STEM to waterpower workforce information, and guide connections between academia and industry.

Take an inside tour of Bonneville Dam to learn how it harnesses the power of water while also allowing continued migration of salmon up and down the Columbia River.
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Allison Frechette is a compliance specialist at Brookfield Renewable. Learn how a job as a white water guide and a passion for the outdoor recreation industry led to a career in hydropower as part of NREL’s Hydropower Day in the Life series.
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Power up & Join the Waterpower Club!

We are the Waterpower Club - Waterpower Community Partnership (WC2), founded to help students connect to opportunities in the waterpower sector.