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Mission + Vision

Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge

Our Mission

Developing a waterpower workforce through programs that provide future workers with knowledge and opportunities in the industry through focused education, research, and experience. 

Our Vision

A waterpower workforce that is robust, welcoming, educated, environmentally focused, and reflects the regional communities’ diversity. 

Commonly Asked Questions

About the Hydropower Foundation

NHA is a 501c6 organization that lobbies and advocates for the best interests of the hydropower and marine energy industries. The HF is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that focuses on attracting the next generation of hydropower workers through our programs focused on workforce development, education, and research efforts. We also support research on challenges before the industry. This is all funded by fundraising events, memberships & grants. HF and NHA are two separate entities. However, we do our best to coordinate our efforts and avoid duplication to leverage the industry’s limited resources.

The HF has been supporting NREL and the Water Power Technologies Office in the development of the following activities:  

  • Open EI (hydropower) and PRIMRE (marine energy) web portals. The portals house educational and training materials collected from academia and industry and are available to support the curriculum at elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools. 
  • “Day in the Life” professional profiles to showcase the breadth of industry careers 
  • Student, Industry & Educator surveys to better understand student perceptions around marine energy and hydropower as career choices.   
  • STEM Dialogue Series on Hydropower and Marine Energy. These virtual workshops engage industry and academia on their workforce needs and share aspects of this workforce development project that they could contribute to. 
  • Regional Hubs around the U.S. where we empower local regions to leverage national information for the benefit of customization at the local level, allowing academia and industry to take ownership and convene around region-specific issues. 
  • HF will support updating the 2019 Workforce Report by expanding the hydropower workforce analysis in 2022 to include pumped storage, modular hydro, and trades to understand workforce needs using the updated Hydropower JEDI model.  
  • The 2023 Hydropower Collegiate Competition (HCC)– HF is integral in working with NREL to produce this competition slated for May 2023. 

As a 501c3 not-for-profit, it is critical to host fundraising events, such as the Turbine Runner 5k, Celebration Dinner, Wine Tastings, and Golf Outings to raise funds to produce future programs that reach young people and encourage them to pursue a career in hydropower.

We can’t put on a successful event without the support of sponsors, volunteers, and event promotion. Getting the word out about these events and sharing plans to attend is integral to raising awareness about the Foundation and supporting our efforts to build a thriving clean energy future.

By partnering with the Foundation as a corporate member, you receive benefits such as access to promote job postings to our university distribution lists, social media outlets, and on our website. You receive exposure to the Foundation’s academic community and discounted pricing to participate in the Foundation programs and events. Additionally, you get to be involved in the future growth of the hydropower community by supporting the critical work of the Foundation. You are supporting a 501c3 not-for-profit, so you will also receive a tax deduction for donations contributed.

The Foundation has a variety of partners consisting of federal and non-federal grant agencies, industry organizations & individuals, and educational institutions & students.  

All of our research produced through our successful Research Awards Program is accessible here.

Some examples of research topics include; “Economic Feasibility of Pumped Storage Hydropower,” “Restoring Flow Regimes after Dam Construction and Operation,” and “The Effects of Climate Change on the Water Resources and Hydropower Production Capacity of the Upper Colorado River.”

Additionally, we have been running the Hydro Think Tank™ Program in various U.S. regions. For example, we have researched dissolved oxygen in the south and environmentally friendly lubricants in the PNW. We plan to continue expanding the Hydro Think Tank™ program to other regions and focus research objectives on topics of concern within the hydropower community. 

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We are the Waterpower Club - Waterpower Community Partnership (WC2), founded to help students connect to opportunities in the waterpower sector.