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Who We Are

The Hydropower Foundation is a dedicated group of engineers, scientists, green energy supporters, technologists, biologists, businesses, industry, and non-governmental organizations with a mission to increase the waterpower community’s contribution to society and the environment.

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History, Funding, + Participation

Founded in 1994, the Hydropower Foundation is dedicated to ensuring hydropower’s sustainable contribution to a clean energy future.  The organization is a 501c3 not-for-profit committed to supporting the Nation’s first and most flexible renewable resource, hydropower, through research and development of hydropower as a clean and beneficial renewable resource. Funded by contracts, grants, events, industry sponsorships, and memberships, the Foundation is comprised of professionals with broad backgrounds within the industry and the stakeholder community.   

In addition, the Foundation actively engages and serves the clean energy industry by supporting work in education, research, and workforce development. 

Many of the Foundation’s projects and programs include the participation of post-secondary educators and student researchers. The Foundation strives to maintain strong connections with academia at the university, community college, and trades level in various disciplines. We seek to aid them in achieving their teaching and research objectives while serving the goals of the Foundation. 

Power up & Join the Waterpower Club!

We are the Waterpower Club - Waterpower Community Partnership (WC2), founded to help students connect to opportunities in the waterpower sector.