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Julie A. Keil Women in Hydro Scholarship

The Julie Keil Scholarship supports women enrolled in an accredited college or university and majoring in a discipline relevant to entering the hydropower industry. The scholarship is based on merit and financial need. The program also provides grants to women who plan to enter the hydropower industry by supporting the travel expenses to attend industry events.

The scholarship amount is $3,000.

The deadline to apply is May 15, 2024.

Julie Keil promoted hydropower as renewable energy technology and a responsible steward of the nation’s water resources. She helped bring disparate and often dissenting individuals together to work towards common goals through her leadership, courage, and strength. Her keen negotiating skills helped create outcomes that reflected fair dealing and the intricate relationship among engineering, the environment, and economics. In addition, she brought uncommon energy, persistence, and enthusiasm to all her efforts on behalf of the hydropower community.

To read more about Julie, her life, and many accomplishments, click here.


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